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Stevedoring at Struer


This it the crane preferred for load- and discharging-operations


The crane has:

  • 3,8 cbm. grab for bulk-cargo
  • 5,5 cbm. grab for bulk-cargo 
  • polyp grab for scrap and pig-iron 
  • pallet fork
  • hook 


Discharging box are used for loading trucks with fertilizer and feedstuff.

Capacity of the crane is beyond 300t per hour depending on the type of goods .

It is often restrictions at the receivers more than capacity of crane that reduces the quantity handled on a working day.

Discharging box

Bobcat in action

There is no mobile crane neither in Lemvig nor in Thyborøn, but this can be arranged with fair notice.

Please contact us for further information


19. Okt. 2021