Port of Thyborøn

Locode: DKTYB
Longitude: 56o 42,0′ N – Latitude: 8o 13,3′ E

Aage Andersen & Co. ApS was established in 1913 and in the recent years we have provided all kinds of shipping activities also in the port of Thyborøn with our experienced crew.

Our main activities are as follows:

Ship´s agency
We do ship agencies and clearances for all vessels calling Thyborøn 24/7 including crew change, SafeSeaNet reporting & custom clearance. We have good relations to the wide range of local work shops, blacksmiths, electricians, accommodation providers, shipchandlers e.t.c. enabling us to offer additional services to the vessel in Thyborøn compared with the possibilities for similar services in other ports.

Chartering of bulk cargoes.